Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ep. 68 - A Decade of Lifestyle Decadence

  After 10 years in Lifestyle, we chat about our origin approach, how things have evolved and share lots of memories. We hope you enjoy this recap and maybe even hear something new! (15% discount code: FSU)

Ep. 68 - A Decade of Lifestyle Decadence

Ep. 67 - A whole new life, a whole new Lifestyle

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Ep 66- 2022 FSU Cruise Reflections, Part 2

 Just when you thought it couldn’t get wetter…you fell into the pool! Or, you joined us as we slide down memory lane with sexy adventures that range from chocolate ice cream to Queen…and some very sticky things in between! The guys learn the many benefits of a girl pile and Rachel joined a gym on board??? We conclude with the second part of Heath and Julia’s personal discoveries on board. Hope you enjoy, thanks for listening!

Ep. 66- 2022 FSU Cruise Reflections, Part 2

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Ep 65 -2022 FSU Cruise Reflections, Part 1

Hello beauties! Thanks for listening as we recap the latest amazing swinger cruise. We kick off pre-cruise festivities with 2 nights at the "compound" in Fort Lauderdale with 10 sexy couples. Things only got sexier once we get on board with naked pool parties, sexy playtime, Tiff's birthday, an amazing Burlesque show and much more! Also, two of our new and awesome friends, and cruise newbies, Heath and Julia send in some thoughts on their cruise experience!

Mentioned in this episode: Piano player ; Burlesque; Sex toys - use coupon code FSU for 15% off! Book a future cruise with the FSU Crew here 

Ep. 65 - 2022 FSU Cruise Reflections, Part 1

Monday, October 24, 2022

Ep. 64 - From Sea to Sky, We’re Mile High

We have officially moved our Sapphic Swinger headquarters to the Denver area! In this long overdue episode, we sample some Colorado cannabis and chat about why we moved cross-country along with some fun shenanigans that led up to the big move! Forgot to mention you get 15% off at with coupon code FSU. Thanks for listening sexies!

Ep. 64 - From Sea to Sky, We're Mile High

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Ep. 63 - Naked Friends Are the Best Friends

We are joined by our sexy friends, Mr. and Mrs. Red, for some drinks and a lot of laughs as we recount the hot and amazing weekend we shared together. Listen in on the fun and hear about their first experience at Trapeze (FTL) and their review of VR porn.  Also we have a big announcement at the end of the episode! 

Ep. 63 - Naked Friends Are The Best Friends

Monday, February 21, 2022

Ep. 62 - Sapphic Summer Time Machine, Part II

Hop into our Sapphic time machine and join us way back in 2021 as we finish recapping some fabulous and sexy summer/fall experiences. Word of caution: There may be a few Billboard top hits coming from this episode! 

Ep. 62 - Sapphic Summer Time Machine, Part II