Sunday, January 22, 2023

Ep 65 -2022 FSU Cruise Reflections, Part 1

Hello beauties! Thanks for listening as we recap the latest amazing swinger cruise. We kick off pre-cruise festivities with 2 nights at the "compound" in Fort Lauderdale with 10 sexy couples. Things only got sexier once we get on board with naked pool parties, sexy playtime, Tiff's birthday, an amazing Burlesque show and much more! Also, two of our new and awesome friends, and cruise newbies, Heath and Julia send in some thoughts on their cruise experience!

Mentioned in this episode: Piano player ; Burlesque; Sex toys - use coupon code FSU for 15% off! Book a future cruise with the FSU Crew here 

Ep. 65 - 2022 FSU Cruise Reflections, Part 1