About Us

Hello and welcome to our Sapphic Swinger adventures! We are Tiffany and Rachel, a married lesbian couple who can't get enough of the sexy ladies. We have been together for 15 years, married for 10 and exploring this awesome Lifestyle for over 8 years.
So how did we go from "We'll never, ever have a threesome with another woman" to "How did we get involved in a girl pile orgy last night"? It definitely required some involved conversations!
We find there are very few exclusively lesbian couples in the Lifestyle so we thought you might enjoy hearing about our journey from a different swinging perspective. We frequent our favorite swinger club here in South Florida, attend house parties and definitely can't get enough of the swinger cruises.
While some podcasts speak from a a position of "professional advice" we are here for fun! We don't take ourselves too seriously, you shouldn't either. Come along for the ride, it's bound to be sexy.

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