Monday, November 25, 2019

Ep 43 - Blissful Beginnings

We interview Mike & Tina from Iceland to learn their origin story while on board the Bliss swinger cruise. Next time we'll talk about our blissful experience! Join us, Average Swingers, Double Date Nation, Casual Swingers and Swinging Down Under at Secrets January 3-4, 2020 
Ep. 43 - Blissful Beginnings

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Ep. 41 - Question-able Chat

We do our best to stumble through questions from some lovely listeners.  Wide range of topics from jealousies to STD’s.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ep. 39 - Sapphic 'May'hem

April gay time leads to May playtime! We conquer the Big Apple, hang out with Finn & Emma from Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast we finally kiss Mrs. Adjacent?!?

Ep. 38 - CMJ All Day!

What happened after our podcast with Spiritual Swingers?? Find out now! We host a sexy gal on a hall pass and welcome all the Apr. swinger cruisers back to Ft. Lauderdale at Trapeze with open arms (and legs)! 😉

Ep. 37 - Simultaneous Release with Spiritual Swingers

We hosted Adam & Eve from Spiritual Swingers and silliness and sexiness ensued! We answer listener questions and play with cocks...well, fake ones at least!!

Ep. 36 - Glory, Glory, What a Hole!

Deli counter night at Trapeze, road trip to GA to meet up with Cindy & Luke, NYE swinger house party and we ponder the chance of forgiving and getting our f*ck on!

Ep. 34 & 35 - Epic Bliss Cruise Nov '18

Ep. 34 - Our latest swinger cruise was nothing short of amazing! Part 1 chat gets into details about an all-girls playroom and some hot times in our cabin! Plus, Rach almost became a widow 😦
Ep. 35 - We conclude our Nov cruise chat which involves elevator parties, orgies, and (of course) sexy ladies!

Ep. 33 - Cruise Interviews

We sat down on board the Nov 2018 Bliss cruise and chatted with 4 different couples about their experiences.  Spoiler Alert: It was awesome and already booked for 2019!

Ep. 32 - Swinger Cruising Advice for Newbies

We address common questions newbies might have about what (or who) goes down on a swinger cruise!

Ep. 31 - Interview with Kim & Jay

We sit down for a rambunctious fun time with a wonderful couple who have been happily getting naked with others since the start of their relationship.

Ep. 30 - "The Artful Botcher" The freeze or ease of approaching a woman on your own.

In this episode we read an email from a listener wondering where to meet women. Plus we chat about benefits and drawbacks to the Lifestyle from our perspective.

Ep. 29 - Beaches and women, Njoys OH MY!

We have a wonderful day with Spiritual Swingers and things go swimmingly with an out of town couple at Trap!

Ep. 28 - Sapphic Scribe Needed!

In this rambling episode we answer a couple of questions from other sexy friends.  Also we get confused by an odd situation at Trap and have a hot date with an amazing girl all while drinking ourselves into a whiskey oblivion!

Ep. 27 - New Year, New Experiences

2018 kicked off with lots of swinger fun!  NYE at Trapeze with our NYC friends.  Scored an evening with Hot Mom and had some sexy fun times with a new hottie :)

Ep. 25 & 26 Fucking Shit Up on the Equinox Bliss Cruise

Ep. 25 - Part 1 - All aboard the Celebrity Equinox (Nov '17) for swingery awesomeness!
Ep. 26 - Part 2 - Continuation of the cruise shenanigans and we sit down to interview a couple to find out how they navigate this crazy Lifestyle!

Ep: 23 & 24 Italy and France in search of great wine and sexy times!

Ep. 23 - "Ciao Bella" - Italy explorations (mostly vanilla but still awesome!)
Ep. 24  - "Ooh la la" - We continue our swinger adventures on a boat in the beautiful French Riviera with wonderfully amazing friends...and lovers!   

Ep. 21 - Celebrating our Anniversary the Swinger Way

We explore another Fetish Factory party with floggers in hand and celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary the swinger way!